Racecourse Prague-Velka Chuchle



Sunday 31 August
69. St. Leger (Czech St. Leger)
First race at 2 p.m.

Next racedays:
Sun 7 Sep: 8. Zlatý pohár EŽ Praha, a. s. (hurdles)
Sun 14 Sep: Zářijový handicap (CONSEQ Day)
Sun 21 Sep: 36. VC Prahy CK Martin Tour, 36. VC českého turfu
Sun 28 Sep: 93. Svatováclavská cena, 78. Gerschův memoriál
Sun 5 Oct: 12. Memoriál Harryho Petrlíka
Sun 19 Oct: 76. Cena zimního favorita
Sun 26 Oct: 94. Cena prezidenta republiky

Photogallery 2014 

Raceday 22 Jun: HERE (Petr Guth)
Raceday 8 Jun: HERE (Šárka Votavová)
Raceday 1 Jun: HERE (Martin Haleš)
Raceday 25 May: HERE (Petr Guth)
Raceday 18 May: HERE (Lenka Lojová, Jakub Frühauf, Martin Haleš)
Raceday 11 May: HERE (Petr Guth)
Raceday 4 May: HERE (Petr Guth)
Raceday 27 Apr: HERE (Martin Haleš)
Raceday 20 Apr: HERE (Petr Guth)
Raceday 13 Apr: HERE (Petr Guth)
Raceday 6 Apr: HERE (Jakub Frühauf)

Improved railway service to Velka Chuchle 

There is a very convenient train service every thirty minutes from the centre of Prague to Velka Chuchle racecourse. Trains leave Prague Main Station (Hlavni nadrazi) at 20 minutes and 50 minutes after each hour, and stop at Smichov Station (Smichovske nadrazi) at 28 minutes and 58 minutes past each hour. They arrive at Velka Chuchle at 33 minutes and 03 minutes after the hour. The station is only two minutes walk from the grandstand. Trains leave Velka Chuchle for the city centre at 25 minutes and 55 minutes after the hour. Prague City Integrated Travel tickets are valid on this route. A 32-crown ticket will get you to or from any point of departure in Prague. Buy the ticket in advance and validate it before you enter the train. Note that tickets are not on sale at Velka Chuchle station, so buy more than one ticket before your outward journey.


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